Cybersecurity Leadership Instruction

From A Retired FBI Cyber Executive and FBI National Academy Cyber Leadership Instructor

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Are you an executive with cybersecurity enterprise risk responsibilities who...

  • Possesses minimal understanding of the various facets of cybersecurity
  • Has minimal or no cybersecurity leadership training
  • Is embarrassed by the lack of cybersecurity knowledge and understanding and are afraid to ask for help
  • Is tired of not understanding cyber terminology and jargon presented during internal and external cybersecurity presentations
  • Has searched for cybersecurity training for executives and has not been able to find the right cybersecurity leadership trainingĀ 

If you are an executive who is frustrated with cybersecurity and need help, I can help you.

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The impact we have...

"I recently completed the Hacking the Cyber Threat Cybersecurity Leadership Program for Executives. As a Law Enforcement Professional with 16 years of experience and a decent grasp of technology, this course opened my eyes to the vast world of cybersecurity threats. While the course will educate you on the various ways in which cyber threats can affect your business or department, you will also learn how to plan, strategize, and defend against cyber threats, and if you do fall victim to a cyber attack, this course outlines how to respond and recover. I highly recommend this course to any executive or command staff member. If you think cybersecurity is merely a concern of your IT department, I strongly encourage you to rethink your stance and enroll in this course."Ā 

Lt. Anthony P. Serafini - West Seneca Police Department, West Seneca, NY

Become a cyber-savvy leader or executive with a foundational understanding of computer networks, computer network security, and the various cyber threat actors and their methodologies that compose the cyber threat landscape. 

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This CourseĀ CoversĀ 

Everything Cyber for Executives

I have designed this 8-hour 15 module online course to assist executives better understand cybersecurity as an enterprise risk and assist in improving their leadership responsibilities in managing their organizationā€™s cybersecurity enterprise risk management program.

  1. I listened to executive's personal challenges in regard to their lack or minimal understanding of cybersecurity.
  2. I have helped executives in better understanding cybersecurity as an enterprise risk and assisted them in becoming more comfortable in addressing these challenges.
  3. I have helped executives decipher and better understand cybersecurity reports provided by internal and external cybersecurity professionals.
  4. I now provide executives with online cybersecurity leadership course videos to give them confidence in addressing today's cybersecurity threat landscape and its multiple challenges.
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