Due to the impact of the SolarWinds cyberattack and its direct impact to executive leadership teams, our firm has decided to reduce the price of our Hacking The Cyber Threat Cybersecurity Leadership Program to $999.00 ($3500). This price reduction will allow private and public sector executive teams the flexibility to purchase additional training for their organization’s leadership teams. Thank You!

Hacking The Cyber Threat™

Cybersecurity Leadership Program For Executives

A comprehensive executive online program comprised of 15 modules designed to transform non-technical business executives and leaders into cyber-savvy business executives and leaders by providing a foundational understanding of the various components of enterprise wide cybersecurity, the cyber threat actors and cyber threat methodologies that comprise today's cyber threat landscape.

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Today's Most Significant Threat

There are more cybersecurity attacks, incidents and data breaches today than ever. The magnitude of impact resulting from a breach is significant in a variety of ways. There is an underlying fear and hope by some of today's executives that it won't happen to their respective organization.

There is an accompanying problem that compounds the one just described. We have a shortage of cyber-savvy executives and business leaders. Why?

  • Historically, executives have seen cybersecurity as an "IT issue" not a strategic enterprise risk and executive leadership issue
  • Fear and lack of understanding of the technology, terminology and acronyms associated with cybersecurity
  • Lack of desire to learn a challenging, new skill that's not only required in today's world but complex and constantly changing
  • The cost and time commitment required for cybersecurity training and certifications.
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This Program Is For You, If...


  • You are an executive or leader without a cybersecurity background or training, but whose responsibilities now include cybersecurity.
  • You are confused by all of the complexity, terminology and acronyms coming from your CIO, CISO, CSO or IT department.
  • The program is concise, yet comprehensive and specifically designed for today's busy executive or leader who does not have the ability to take 30-40 hours and multiple days away from their busy schedule to take only one cybersecurity course in one specific area.
  • Concepts are presented in a clear, easy to understand, on-demand format that executives and leaders can conveniently access anytime, anywhere on any computer or mobile device - as their respective schedule permits.


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Cybersecurity Leadership Course Is Designed For...


Board of Directors
Audit Committee Members
Risk Committee Members
Cybersecurity/Technology Committee Members
C-Suite Executives
Senior-Level Executives
Business Unit Leaders
Middle Management
Business Professionals in Leadership Positions

Course Modules

A comprehensive executive online program comprised of 15 modules designed to transform nontechnical business executives and leaders into cyber-savvy business executives and leaders.

  • Introduction - provides the background, education, credentials and experience of your cybersecurity leadership instructor; a program overview;
  • Module 1: Integrating the Cyber Threat in Strategic Planning
  • Module 2: Understanding the Cyber Threat Landscape and the Basics of Information Technology
  • Module 3: Understanding Malicious Software
  • Module 4: Information Operations
  • Module 5: Critical Infrastructure and Industrial Control Systems
  • Module 6: Wireless and Mobile Devices
  • Module 7: Web Infrastructure and Third-Party Risks
  • Module 8: Cybercrime and Hacktivism
  • Module 9: The Cyber Underground
  • Module 10: Cyber Defense, Incident Response and Recovery
  • Module 11: Cyber Education and Cyber Training
  • Module 12: Cyber Regulators and Cybersecurity Frameworks
  • Module 13: Private Sector and Public Sector Partnerships
  • Module 14: Strategic Challenges Facing the Enterprise
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Course Summary

  • Better understand enterprise-wide cybersecurity programs
  • Support your CIO, CISO, CSO, IT Director and their cybersecurity teams
  • Provide strategic leadership in your organization's cybersecurity efforts
  • Provide the strategic resources required to continually address the cyber threat
  • Access this program online, 24/7 anywhere, on any computer or mobile device
  • A self-paced program with an assessment after each module and Certificate of Completion
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In Addition To The 15 Video Training Modules,

We Have Also Included The Following:

Suggested Training Schedule for Busy Executives

We know you have a lot of responsibilities and a full schedule, so we provide two suggested training schedules to integrate within your calendar!

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Key Takeaways and Questions to Consider After Each Module

After each module, you are provided a downloadable PDF that summarizes the module's topics and provides you key questions to consider asking your CIO, CISO, CSO or IT department to improve your organization's enterprise-wide cybersecurity program and posture.

Short Assessments Scored Immediately After Each Module

To Test your comprehension and retention of newly-introduced concepts and to reinforce important facts, before advancing to the next module.

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Certificate Of Completion

A HTCT LLC Certificate of Completion will be awarded upon completion of all of the 15 modules and all assessments of the program.

Cybersecurity Updates

Our HTCT Senior Executive Cybersecurity Leadership Perspective Series, blog posts, and webinars will provide insight on the most current cyber threat landscape.

Your Instructor

Pedro "Pete" D. Cordero

Mr. Cordero is a Certified Public Accountant, Computer Information Systems Security Professional, and in April 2018 retired after serving as an FBI Special Agent for 27 years. During his FBI tenure, Mr. Cordero served as an FBI Cyber Division executive responsible for FBI national and international cyber-criminal and national security cyber intrusion investigations. Mr. Cordero also served as the FBI National Academy cybersecurity leadership instructor teaching over 300 executives from around the world to become cyber savvy executives. From April 2018 to July 2020, Mr. Cordero served as a Big 4 accounting firm executive-level cybersecurity consultant. In this role, Mr. Cordero provided critical cyber insight sessions to more than 400 corporate directors and over 300 c-suite executives in multiple business sectors including financial services, energy, healthcare, utilities, technology, manufacturing, retail, real estate, transportation, academia, and government sector. Mr. Cordero has obtained advanced cybersecurity education and technical training in the various disciplines of cybersecurity.

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