Cybersecurity Leadership Services From A Retired FBI Cyber Executive And Leadership Instructor


Providing Independent 3rd Party Cybersecurity Advisory Services to CEOs, Audit Committee Chairs, Chief Audit Executives and Leadership Teams

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Provide Expert Advice 

To Organizational Leadership Teams

Regarding Cybersecurity Assessments, Incidents, Cyber Forensic Investigations, and other cybersecurity issues.

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Provide Leadership Teams an Independent Leadership Perspective on Cybersecurity Issues Impacting the Organization

Independent Leadership Perspective on Internal and External Cybersecurity Reporting and Presentations Including:

  • Internal Cybersecurity presentations from the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to the Senior Leadership Teams
  • Cybersecurity presentations from external cybersecurity vendors
  • Review of cybersecurity forensic investigations
  • Review of organizational cybersecurity program from a leadership perspective
  • Cybersecurity leadership advisor during a cyber incident
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Cybersecurity Leadership Training

For All Levels of an Organization's leadership teams
For Internal Audit Teams

Serve as a Personal Cybersecurity Coach to Organizational Leaders

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Cybersecurity Reports or Presentations to Leadership

Review of External Forensic Investigative Reports of Cyber Incidents

Serve as a Personal Cybersecurity Coach to Organizational Leaders

Cybersecurity Resources

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